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Ready To Learn WordPress Fast...!

The WordPress website builder platform is one of the most widely used. Combined with an intuitive page builder and ready-made templates, you will have a sleek website running fast.

You can learn WordPress fast to build your website!

The Challenge

  1. Unless you code, starting a website from zero is challenging; on-going site management, content, updates, new pages, and so forth.
  2. You require reliable, fast, and safe servers. SSL certificates, malware protection, and even a solid CDN delivery network.
  3. Your time should focus on your know-how and services.

The Solution

  1. Using pre-designed themes will provide a good base structure. Ensure customization is possible and develop your unique brand.
  2. Managed WordPress hosting will cover all server hosting and technical requirements, as well as, critical security updates.
  3. Focus on your market positioning with strong partner support.


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Learn WordPress Fast To Launch Your Website

Step-by-step guide to learn WordPress fast and see your website live and performing!


1. Choose a suitable domain name for your focus and objective. These days, many of the best domain names are already taken, or unavailable, so you may have to approach your search from another angle.


2. Find a good hosting company. There are many providers, so it pays to do some research and due diligence. We use WPX hosting and made the switch consciously as we wanted very fast delivery speeds. They are a great provider for many reasons, including a great, live chat, support service.


3. Install WordPress via your chosen hosting provider. The good hosting providers will have this set-up available to you automatically. Ensure you note down all the essential WordPress data base information, including your username and password. This will get you to the WordPress administration platform via a link as follows:


4. Log in to the WordPress administration area. Here you will see the initial WordPress working area. There will be welcome information from WordPress, yet, otherwise quite empty!


5. Choose your WordPress Theme to launch your website. There are basically 2 routes to go here, unless you are a coder, namely, to choose from the many free templates available on WordPress, or to purchase a theme template. Free themes are good to start, yet, will have limitations on customizations. Theme templates can provide you with a great looking site and are customizable. Attention, as templates usually require a page builder to manage the theme.


6. Install and activate your selected theme. The WordPress user interface area makes this simple and fast, either through selecting and installing a theme available from the Word Press platform, or, otherwise, uploading the theme files available to you after the purchase – usually as a zip file which can be uploaded.


7. Begin designing your site. This will need thought towards the layout you would like, the page and menu structure, any posts, and categories you may consider. Here the advantage of a template will show its value, as the site is already set-up in a framework, allowing you to make the customizations you would like towards your own branding and positioning, for example.


8. WordPress plug-ins add more website functionality. These so-called plug-ins add further functionality and customization to your theme. Some purchased templates already come with built-in functionality rendering the use of more plug-ins unnecessary. This can be important as plug-ins generally add code to sites, thereby, slowing them down somewhat.


9. Review your website loading speed. At some point you will want to test your website loading speed via one of the many free tools available (e.g. Google page speed insights). This will show you where some issues are affecting the overall loading speed. You will want to track both speeds for desktop and mobile views, as these use different testing parameters. Suffice to say, this can get technical, so for those not so strong in this area, an alternative will be to use special plug-ins geared to optimize page loading speeds.


10. Concentrate on your SEO and website structure. Your website design and layout should consider a relevant menu structure and logical placement of articles and information. The keywords will determine your search relevancy, so these need to be aligned sharply to content and your positioning objective. Zero-click search trends will drive compact and direct content.

Mobile ready & responsive websites!

Mobile Dominance

The challenge for many websites is getting the online assets aligned to various screen sizes and providing a seamless user interaction across all channels.

Page Builder Technology

The premier page builder technology allows you to optimize screen layouts, content, and visitor engagement flows, for example, directly in a view/edit mode.

Mobile Online Consumption

The share of online mobile usage is increasing steadily across numerous channels, especially ecommerce.

  • Mobile ecommerce sales 50% 50%
  • Online interaction via search 93% 93%
  • Consumer chatbot messenging preference 40% 40%
  • Welcome email average open rate 80% 80%

Some 2022 Digital Marketing Trends

Here a selection of some key 2021 impacts and trends to consider for your business focus and market positioning.

  • Google receives some 77,000 searches / second
  • Consumer messenger marketing will gain rapidly
  • Mobile wallet solutions and providers will expand
  • Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) important
  • Chatbots will soon dominate customer service

Plans and Pricing We Use in 2022

Refer below to the specific web technology, theme builder, and WordPress managed hosting used for this website.

Divi Builder Updates 2022

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WPX Hosting Updates 2022

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We are fans of WordPress! This is a great platform. Intuitive design & concept. Great results. 

Domain Name

Important for your branding. Aim for relevancy. Clear & simple names can be remembered.


Elegant Themes

Divi will impact the way you build websites. The advanced page builder provides truly dynamic pages.


WPX Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting. Technically advanced and very fast servers. Great support team.

Our free video series on WordPress

We have made a series of videos showing the WordPress set-up process for this very website. Follow along and watch how this website was built using the Divi theme framework and the latest page builder technology.

Frequently Asked Questions: WordPress And Managed Hosting

Can I use WordPress themes on multiple sites?

Depends on the vendor. Some are single license, single-site only. Others, like Divi theme, are available to use on as many websites as you like. 

Can I speed up my WordPress website?

Yes. WordPress itself is seen as relatively light coding, yet, certain themes, plugins, and 3rd party scripts can slow things down. Speed can be achieved through WordPress caching, fast hosting, updated plugins, updated PHP, and a CDN service.

What is a CDN for websites?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. The CDN holds copies of website content and delivers it to visitors using a network of servers around the world. This way, website data is loaded from the CDN server closest to them. 

How to improve WordPress security?

Selecting a a good, managed WordPress hosting plan, that includes daily backups, firewalls and malware scanning, is recommeded. In parallel, maintain strong passwords, update to new WordPress versions, and use themes and plugins from reliable providers.

Can I use WordPress for ecommerce?

Absolutely. Some of the current top ecommerce stores run on WordPress. You will need a specific ecommerce plugin to develop a proper store. Also, for collecting customer data and accepting payments, you require https / SSL certification.

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