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What is WordPress explained for beginners.


So what is WordPress by definition? WordPress is an online, opensource website creation tool, written in PHP coding language.  It is one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website contact management system (CRM) available. 


What are some of the benefits of WordPress?


  1. It is free, as it was created as an opensource code and the idea was to make it available to everybody as a free content management platform. You canupscale with so-called premium themes and premium plugins, which give you more functionality and more diversity than what is available in the direct free versions. 


  1. It is very easy to use and quite easy to set up initially. You can learn WordPress quite fast and understand the framework as well, and if you already understand computers, you are well on the way to understanding WordPress, plus it is not very difficult to actually make a really good-lookingsite and get it published quickly.


  1. There is a very large support community around WordPress. This is a combination of developers, users, and niche companies, that build and design specific WordPress themes and specific plugin functionality, all centered on the enhancement of the WordPress experience and functionality. There is such a great amount of information available to help people if you are looking for an answer to a specific problem. It may take a whileto wade through the various websites that are focused on WordPress, but likely, you will find your answer quickly. 


  1. Furthermore, what we like about WordPress, is that you are in full control of what you are doing, starting from selecting a theme that you like and fits your particular business orientation, to adding the plugins that will add more diversity and functionality for your visitors. You have full control of this yourself. You can add as many pages as you like, and you can add multiple pictures. You can even incorporate video, for example. So there is a lot you can do yourself. In fact, it is like owning some online web assetsall for yourself and we have always thought that is a neat experience to have and to have control over.



  1. Another advantage of WordPress is that it favors very well with search engines. This is because WordPress sites are easy to index. In other words, they can be found quite rapidly by the search engine spiders and this is important for you to gain traction in the serpsor the so-called Search Engine Ranking Position.  You will want to have a very high-ranking position for your business or a service orientation to be able to reach as many qualified visitors as possible.


Should I use or WordPress?

A common question for initial WordPress users is what is actually the difference between and Basically, the main difference between the two is how your website is being hosted. With you actually host your own website, and this is where you will have access to the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server. You need to buy a domain, hosting plan and then actually install WordPress on your server. This is not a problem anymore because most good hosting companies provide an auto install application for WordPress, which literally just takes a few minutes to set up. is a hosting operation that takes care of all that for you, so you do not have to download the software, you do not need separate hosting, and you do not need to manage your files on the web server.

So if you want to start up basically free, then the option of is the way to go and you still have of considerable options to customize your website. The downside is the name com will show up on your site. You cannot upload any custom themes or plugins and you will not be able to modify any of the PHP code sitting in the files.


So using track gives you much more control and flexibility over your WordPress site, how it will look, all the functionality, and much more customization. Of course, this means more responsibility as you will have to get your own domain name and you will have to find a good hosting provider and have WordPress properly set up.

So we prefer using software which offers some big advantages:


  • you can use your own domain name
  • you can upload and install anything you like. This includes a large variety a free WordPress themes and for a very first start you will likely find numerous free templates which will be ideal for your website objectives.


The second big bonus is the flexibility to integrate numerous WordPress plugins. This is important for a variety of reasons as you will want to fine tune the management of your WordPress theme. In other words, some plugins are designed to optimize the way you work within the platform. There are plugins which had functionality. For example, contact forms, video integration, social media, slides, and very important security functions.


One other area, which we will cover later in much more detail, is optimizing your WordPress site for speed. To support the website delivery efficiency, there are numerous plugins available both free and paid versions to fine tune your website and specifically the server files, so that they load much more optimally and faster.